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ISTA responds to announcement of Governor's new data collection program


3462606643_511c9ffb8a_o.jpgLast night Governor Pence’s office issued a press release announcing an Executive Order creating a new data collection program which would report to the Governor under the Office of Technology (IOT).


The quietly released Executive Order is quite broad in scope, thereby creating a lot of questions as to its implementation.


This past session of the Indiana General Assembly saw several bills concerned with how the state can collect, store and manage data, especially concerning students and teachers. ISTA lobbied several of these bills to ensure future evaluation information would remain confidential. We hope that those laws will still apply.


ISTA has concerns about the reach of this new data collection program, including concerns about privacy and the cost to taxpayers due to overlapping state agency data management.


For these reasons and several others, is why ISTA has asked for a meeting with the Governor’s staff to be briefed on what is intended through this Executive Order.


We will be sure to update members as to the results of our meeting with the Governor’s office as soon as we have more information.