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ISTA Exclusive: How much has your local public school lost to private school vouchers?


Data obtained from a public records request from the Department of Education reveals the amount of tax dollars each school corporation lost to private school vouchers for the 2013-14 school year. The report shows local school districts with an average 133 percent increase in the loss of tax dollars.


Indianapolis Public Schools continues to lead school districts in private school voucher losses. In the 2012-13 school year, IPS saw $5,635,851 in losses. In 2013-14, the losses more than doubled to $12,059,319. Fort Wayne Community Schools saw even more of an increase going from $4,536,637 to $10,749,690.


The top 10 losing school districts have losses totaling more than $45 million from vouchers granted to benefit private schools. 




The entire alphabetical list of school corporations listing private voucher school payments can be found below. One tab has the 2013-14 totals and another tab to compare increases in voucher losses.


A PDF version of these speadsheets are available for download:  


Download: 2013-14 Voucher Payments 

Download: Yearly Comparison