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Important voter registration update for Hoosiers

Beginning yesterday, registering to vote in Indiana has been made more inconvenient. This is due to the Indiana legislature passing a law that makes several more requirements of Hoosiers registering others to vote.

Along with some stiff penalties for not returning the completed application within 10 days, the person submitting the voter registration form must provide the person being registered with their personal home address.  There might very well be some circumstances where we may not want to give out our home address to just anyone.

We are now encouraging our members and any other activists who volunteer to register voters to use the federal voter registration form instead of the new Indiana voter registration form.

The federal form is very similar to the previous voter registration form. We still encourage you to return completed voter registration forms to the county clerk’s office or state election division with 10 days of receiving the completed form from the person registering to vote. The federal form can be accepted by any county voter registration office in the state.

The federal voter registration form was developed by the federal  government as result of the Voting Rights Act of 1965  to combat voter intimidation in mostly southern states. Various non-profits and other groups in Indiana are now using this federal voter registration form.

The federal voter registration form can be downloaded here: National_Voter_Registration_Form.pdf

As a reminder, any Hoosier with a current Indiana driver's license or state issued identification card can also visit to register online without using any form.