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D and F private schools awarded more than $8 million in vouchers


2015_D__F_Voucher_Awards.PNGAnalysis of  the Indiana Department of Education’s annual report on the state’s private school voucher program shows that more than $8 million in vouchers have been awarded to private schools with a grade of D or F.


The report revealed the growing price tag of the controversial program at a record $135 million and a loss of $40 million.


Even more concerning is the state’s continued investment in underperforming private schools.


According to state accountability letter grades, released earlier this year, 16 private voucher schools received a grade of D or F. Ten of the 16 private schools were in Allen and Marion counties.


Horizon Christian Academy in Fort Wayne was the largest recipient receiving $1,306,617 in vouchers. The school earned a letter grade of F in 2015.