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Action alert: Board expected to strip Ritz's authority as board Chair on Friday

The Indiana State Board of Education is scheduled to meet this Friday, December 20 at 9:00 a.m. Months of conflict caused by Governor Pence and his appointed board members is expected to come to a head at the meeting. It is widely expected that when the board votes on new board procedures they will remove roles that State Superintendents have possessed as Chair of the board for years -- that is until 1.3 million voters elected Glenda Ritz.

We are asking ISTA members and friends who care about public schools to contact the State Board of Education members immediately. Tell them that you support Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz. Let them know that you voted for Glenda Ritz because you expected her to be the Chair and lead education policy maker in Indiana.

If you are a public school educator or support professional, please email the board members from home and on your own personal time.

The board members and their email addresses as provided by the SBOE website are:

Tony Walker -

Dr. David Freitas -

Cari Whicker -

Sarah O’Brien -

Andrea Neal -

Dr. Brad Oliver -

Daniel Elsener -

B.J. Watts -

Troy Albert -

Gordon Hendry -