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IEA Leadership Change

Indianapolis Education Association President Resigns Amid Financial Malfeasance

For decades, the Indianapolis Education Association (IEA) has strongly advocated for its members and their students’ best interests in the face of significant challenges. The Indianapolis Public School district has been a hotbed of privatization reform that’s often led to instability in the classroom both for educators and the students they serve. However, today, IEA faces an internal challenge.

In June of 2018, an IEA member filed a complaint with the Indiana State Teachers Association (ISTA) regarding concerns over IEA’s operations. ISTA immediately opened an investigation into IEA’s operations including a complete review of its election procedures and a comprehensive financial audit, which was completed Nov. 8.

The audit indicates serious financial mismanagement and misappropriation of more than $100,000 in funds over a period of several years by IEA President Rhondalyn Cornett. Local association finances are handled by duly elected local leaders who are responsible for properly managing their finances. Because of the IEA president’s failure to meet her obligations toward sound financial management of members’ dues dollars, she has complied with a demand that she resign effective Nov. 8. New local leadership has assumed control and are prepared to deal with the issue and move the Association forward in a positive direction. 

In an effort to maintain transparency and exercise due diligence, ISTA has reported her actions to the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department’s Organized Crime Section. ISTA does not know if any crimes were committed as that is for the police to determine, but we believe the reporting was warranted. 

To ensure the efficient and effective management of IEA moving forward, ISTA has assumed control of the local’s financial operations effective immediately and for the next two years. ISTA has also filed an insurance claim to potentially recoup members’ dues dollars and may also consider legal action.

Newly elected IEA Vice President, Ronald Swann, has assumed the role of IEA president per IEA Bylaws. Swann helped lead the joint internal investigation and audit and is committed to working with ISTA leadership and IEA members to rebuild a member-driven local organization that Indianapolis educators deserve.