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Guest blog: Words for a new school year

This is an excerpt from ISTA President Teresa Meredith’s column in our upcoming issue of the Advocate. Look for the full issue to hit your mailbox in August. 

What an amazing heritage we have! We have a history of which we can be proud.

Since 1894, educators have been standing up for what’s right for Hoosier kids. We have a responsibility to keep carrying the torch for a new generation. To keep fighting. To keep raising our collective voices. To never forget who we are.

  • We are PROFESSIONALS, and the work we do is vital to the future of our state and our country.
  • We are VOTERS who engage in the democratic process and support policymakers who care about the future of public education.
  • We are PARENTS, teachers and support staff who understand the educational needs of our kids.
  • We are EDUCATORS, and we must use our voice and our vote to demand better for our students and for each other. 

Nearly all of you have returned to the classroom, the bus route, the cafeteria, ready to start another year with another group of eager learners. Never forget that YOU are making a difference every single day for the more than 1 million students attending our public schools.

Let’s share our passion for public education as we advocate for candidates who truly care about the students we serve. Let’s educate our neighbors, friends and family about those candidates and encourage them to get involved.

As the school year gets underway and we head into the heart and heat of the election season, remember how far we’ve come. Remember how far we still have to go. Together we will ensure the kids of today are equipped to be the leaders of tomorrow. Because everything we do is in service to our kids, our schools, and our future. 

Best wishes in the new school year.