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Graduation Pathways policy guidance released to help schools implement new requirements

The State Board of Education (SBOE) unanimously approved the release of a policy guidance document that aids schools as they transition to the new graduation pathway requirements. 


SBOE and the Graduation Pathways Panel began developing the requirements last year. The pathways will begin with incoming high school students for 2019 and affect graduating cohorts of 2023. Some schools may opt-in early in lieu of the Graduation Qualifying Exam if they have existing capacity to provide options.

The purpose of the new pathways is to provide students greater flexibility to pursue postsecondary education and careers more specifically aligned with their individual interests. Students will be expected to demonstrate skills that result in employment opportunities or further education and training.

The guidance document reflects input from educators alongside business and industry. It also contains important details about new diploma requirements and a wide variety of potential academic and work-related experiences students may participate in prior to graduation.

Additionally, SBOE will continue to consider applications for locally-created pathways and local CTE concentrator plans through the end of this year for 2018 – 19. Once applications are approved, they will be accessible to all districts via a statewide library of resources.