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Get to know Jennifer Smith-Margraf, ISTA vice president

The summer Advocate features a Q&A with Jennifer Smith-Margraf, ISTA vice president. Learn more about Jennifer and the other new officers in the Advocate.

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What are your goals as you begin this new role?

Our main focus must be growing the Red For Ed movement across the state of Indiana. As part of that movement, I would like to create a model school funding formula that we consistently advocate for with our partners.

How do you envision connecting with ISTA members as vice president?

I will continue to travel the state meeting with all 23 district councils, ESP council, retired council and aspiring educator chapters. I am looking forward to the many opportunities to attend and participate in events at locals across the state to interact with members from every part of the state and support the work that they are doing. I want every member to know that their leadership team is here to support and empower them in the work that they do on behalf of our members every day.

As vice president, you will chair the ISTA Foundation for the Improvement of Education. What do you hope to achieve for through the ISTA Foundation?

My goal is to extend the strategic planning process that ISTA has participated in to the ISTA Foundation. Through that process, members will have input into the mission, vision and goals of the ISTA Foundation to ensure that the foundation’s future work reflects what our members desire that work to be.

Quick Facts

How long have you taught? And what have you taught?

Nineteen years – teaching Spanish at Jefferson High School in Lafayette.

Who was your favorite educator in school? Why?

My Spanish teacher, Emily Martin, because she challenged her students to become truly fluent speakers of the language.

What are your hobbies outside of school and ISTA?

Reading, hiking, watching the Cubs, Michigan and Purdue sports and cross-stitching.

What’s your favorite book?

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield.