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ISTA UniServ Intern Shares Her Perspective on the Program

Kristien Hamilton is currently an ISTA UniServ intern. In addition to being an intern, she is an eighth grade math teacher at Greencastle Middle School. In the article below, Hamilton shares her experience in the program.

As an advocate for public education, my passion is to empower others to elevate their voice and be an agent of change. I want to ensure that educators have a seat at the table and are active participants of the decision-making process. I am actively involved in union leadership, so when I learned about the intern program I was intrigued. I found that this unique opportunity included professional development and field experiences that I would not otherwise experience, so I decided to apply for the program.

The ISTA UniServ intern program works alongside my roles as an educator and union leader. This means that after school and on the weekends, I am at meetings, trainings and assisting with activities at various locals. I have had the opportunity to work with ISTA staff as well as multiple UniServ Director’s and locals across the state. These experiences have been pivotable to my professional growth throughout the program.

This amazing opportunity has solidified my decision to pursue a career as a UniServ Director. Although my heart will always be with my students and my love for math, I feel a call to work with locals helping to empower them to stand up for what is best for students and educators. Even if you are not if sure being a UniServ Director is for you, the intern program will provide you with a wealth of knowledge that will help grow your leadership skills.

If any of this information sounds interesting to you, I suggest that you consider the ISTA UniServ intern program. Your UniServ Director would be more than happy to talk to you about this amazing program.

The ISTA UniServ intern program is a rigorous professional development training program designed to prepare candidates for working full-time within the Association with a professional field staff position.