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Educators put student needs above assigning homework

In the first issue of the standalone Advocate magazine, two educators discussed their homework policies – assigning homework versus no homework.

Following the publication of the article, ISTA asked members to weigh in via a Twitter poll. Members shared their approach to homework – here are the results. 


Educators remain divided on the issue. The spilt remains with 22 percent confirming they assign homework and 30 percent saying they don’t. Nearly 50 percent take into consideration the students and subjects before they decide to assign homework.

Decisions made by educators are rarely arbitrary, but instead, reflect a professional assessment of student needs. Educators make decisions in their classrooms based on child development, pedagogy and student observation. Each educator tailors their homework policy to best serve their students.

While homework may remain a hot topic, the professional assessments of educators are in the best interests of kids.

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