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Citing Public Support, ISTA Calls on Legislature to Immediately Improve Teacher Pay

ISTA released public polling in support of educators and a list of the Association’s top legislative priorities on Monday. The state’s largest teachers union called on legislators to immediately improve teacher pay in the 2019 legislative session, where lawmakers will pass a two-year budget. 

In September, ISTA fielded a poll of more than 600 registered voters in Indiana with an oversample of Hoosier parents. According to the polling data, 86 percent of voters support increased public-school funding when it comes with a requirement to spend more of it in the classroom and 72 percent believe educators are underpaid. 

Improving teacher compensation and advancing the teaching profession are two of ISTA’s top priorities this legislative session. ISTA President Teresa Meredith pointed out that teacher salaries in Indiana are last within states surrounding Indiana.

“We need strong public schools, so every child has the chance to learn and succeed regardless of where they live or how much money their parents make,” said Meredith. “This means we need to pay competitive wages to attract and retain high quality teachers. But right now, teacher salaries in Indiana are much lower than nearby states, and experienced teachers are leaving for better opportunities.”

The 2019 Indiana General Assembly begins Jan. 3.