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Celebrate your school's education support professionals on ESP Day!

ISTA member Shelly Malott is a paraeducator at Joy Elementary School in Michigan City. Malott is also the Michigan City ESP co-president. Malott shared in the ISTA Advocate how active teacher members and administrators can show their appreciation for education support professionals. 

Today is set aside to celebrate ESPs during American Education Week. ESP members start and end the day with our kids and are an important part of the school day. ESP members include bus drivers, food service workers, secretaries, paraprofessionals, maintenance workers and more! Here are five fun ways to show your appreciation. Puns intended!


School would fall to PIECES without you! 

You are a STAR in our school!

Your wisdom will STICK with the students forever!

Keep ROLLING! You are doing a great job!

You are a BRIGHT light guiding children through the world. 

But, getting a simple thank you note from students and staff means the most to ESPs. It will be remembered just like my first letter was seven years ago.

You can also download signs and postcards from NEA that celebrate ESPs. Tell your building's ESPs that they are awesome.