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Build learning and fun into your fall break

As educators, we’re always interested in learning. Spend your next weekend or fall break discovering educator resources, curriculum and culturally or historically important places in the Hoosier state – while squeezing in some fun!

The three destinations below were featured in the summer Advocate, but there are more ideas on our Destination Education Pinterest board

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Samara House

Take a tour of the National Historic Landmark Samara home in West Lafayette designed by Wright. The house was commissioned by Purdue University Professor Dr. John Christian and his wife Catherine in the early 1950s. Visit for more information on tour the home.

The Frank Lloyd Wright Trust has published numerous educator resources with interactive lesson plans for all grade levels and subjects. Find more information at

Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie has more to offer than just science or history lessons. Visit the 1816 Lenape Indian Camp to learn about the relationship between the original fur traders and the Lenape Indians. Fast forward 20 years and enter Prairietown. Be transported back in time to learn about education, commerce, trade and what it was like to be a resident there in 1836. Cross the covered bridge into the town of Dupont and the year 1863. This is an immersion into Indiana during the Civil War.

Find educator resources to enhance your curriculum or a class field trip to Conner Prairie. 

Falls of the Ohio

The Falls of the Ohio State Park in Clarksville features the world’s most accessible Devonian-age fossil beds. The state park is also host to the historic George Rogers Clark home site, which holds significance as the area where Clark retired, but also where his brother, William Clark, set off for his journey with Meriwether Lewis to explore the western U.S.

Bring the history of the Falls of the Ohio into your classroom with resources