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Board members once again delay the work of the Department of Education - postponing the release of school accountability grades.


The Indiana State Board of Education was scheduled to vote to approve school accountability grades at its monthly meeting today. However, using a vendor-related data error that affected grades of only 5 schools, board members expressed “outrage” and directed their attack once again at the Department of Education and Glenda Ritz, calling for a delay in the board vote to approve the grades.


Board members have asked that the Department of Education’s work now be reviewed by the legislature and have asked that the Legislative Services Agency conduct a review and report back to the state board at another time.


ISTA issued a statement directly to the media earlier today to be used if the accountability grades were approved.  As reported, they were not approved today.  The statement stands.  Some accused ISTA of releasing the entire dataset embargoed by the Department of Education. That was certainly not the case. ISTA’s communications department requested the embargoed data from the DOE along with other members of the media.


Indiana’s school grades are to be addressed by the board at its November meeting.