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American Education Week meets Red For Ed

The Red For Ed movement is uniquely positioned to influence American Education Week (AEW) celebrations in 2018.

AEW is celebrated nationwide annually in November. It began in 1921, and the NEA Representative Assembly resolution stated its purpose as, “informing the public of the accomplishments and needs of the public schools and to secure the cooperation and support of the public in meeting those needs.”  

The mission remains much the same, but this year we are riding the momentum of Red For Ed, the grassroots mobilization of educators in states like Kentucky, Arizona, West Virginia and Oklahoma. Educators in those states demanded action from their legislative representatives to fully fund public education to pre-recession levels, replace damaged and outdated books and resources and compensate educators as professionals.

And, it worked! When educators raise their voices, they can truly make a difference.

ISTA members have supported the Red For Ed movement by wearing red on Wednesdays, working to elect pro-public education candidates and more. But, it’s time to kick into gear.

During AEW this year, ISTA encourages educators to prepare for the General Assembly beginning in January. It’s a budget year, and actions taken this spring will determine public education funding for the next two years.

Celebrate AEW with a Red For Ed twist.

  • Talk to your friends, family and neighbors about Red For Ed. Tell them the success stories that AEW is intended to promote.
  • Wear red on Wednesday and share why you’re wearing red.
  • Watch for legislative updates and actions from ISTA. We must act collectively to make a difference.
  • Plan to share your Red For Ed story with ISTA.

AEW celebrations will include Parents Day on Tuesday, ESP Day on Wednesday, Educator for a Day on Thursday and Community Day on Friday.

Share your AEW activities on social media using the hashtag #aew2018, and don’t forget to tag ISTA.