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A Day in the Life of an ESP: Pamela Moreland-Haviland

If you’ve attended an ISTA event, you’ve likely seen Pamela Moreland-Haviland. She’s an ever-present advocate for education support professionals (ESP) within the Association. Moreland-Haviland is a paraeducator at Riverside Elementary School in the Greater Clark County Schools and a member of the Greater Clark Paraeducator Association.

As a paraeducator, Moreland-Haviland works with students in kindergarten through third-grade on core skills such as reading and math. 

During the course of two hours, Moreland-Haviland worked with third-graders to build stronger and more complex sentences, coached second-graders on vocabulary and reading and tutored first-graders on adding and subtracting. 

Moreland-Haviland remains enthusiastic and displays excitement in her gestures and voice in her interactions with kids and colleagues. Through the challenges, she acknowledges it’s worth it. 

Moreland-Haviland acknowledges that ESPs are unique in ISTA. 

“We do parts of the job not everyone can do – transportation, nutrition and that extra boost of learning,” said Moreland-Haviland.  

This is an abbreviated article from the winter ISTA Advocate magazine. To read more about A Day in the Life of an ESP, check your mailbox for the Advocate magazine.