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15 days until Election Day – Get involved today

The Indiana Political Action Committee for Education (I-PACE) launched a new tool to get out the vote and support pro-public education candidates. OutreachCircle provides options for you to share election information via social media, text and email.

Activating your network can have a significant impact on election outcomes. As an educator, you have more influence than you realize. You know a lot of people, and you have built relationships in your community. Your voice can make a difference!

In January, ISTA will begin using OutreachCircle for organizing around important public education issues before the General Assembly. Sign up for OutreachCircle today to make a difference in the election and to prepare for the legislative session.

If you are a public-school educator, use OutreachCircle via a personal email and device on a non-school network through November to comply with state statues.

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Become a Supporter in OutreachCircle today.