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Join the thousands supporting Red For Ed and fighting for our state’s public schools, students and educators.


8 out of 10

Hoosiers say educators should be able to bargain for health and safety, class sizes and prep periods.


of voters say public school teachers in Indiana are paid too little.


of educators have seen an increase in workload, with a vast majority working additional hours.


ISTA began the Red For Ed movement in 2018, and with the advocacy of educators, parents, students and public school advocates, we achieved significant investments in public education and a commitment to reach professional teacher salaries. ISTA is now working to ensure the significant investments in K – 12 education get to where the funding was intended – into classrooms and to attract and retain quality educators.

This map is a tool to see trends where schools are able, or unable, to reach teacher salary goals. This map reflects data from ratified contracts from the 2020 – 21 through the 2022 – 23 contract years, where available. The data will be updated weekly.

Color Coding

Green indicates districts that have reached a $40,000 minimum starting salary. Yellow indicates districts where the minimum starting salary is less than $40,000.

Attend ISTA Day of Action 

Join ISTA for a Day of Action at the Statehouse. This is your opportunity to connect with legislators as they make policy decisions on important Red For Ed priorities.


Legislative Priorities 

ISTA’s top legislative priorities this session address issues many educators and schools have been discussing in greater intensity over the past year – teacher working conditions and risk of funding loss due to COVID-related virtual learning.


Expanding Bargaining Rights

What’s best for kids is best for educators. Expanding collective bargaining to include working conditions will result in stronger educators and better learning conditions for students.



Keeping teacher salaries competitive in our region as well as competitive compared to other college-educated professions is one of the most effective solutions to attracting and retaining teachers.



Indiana’s students deserve fully and equitably funded schools. This video explains the history behind Indiana public school funding.


Thank you for supporting the Red For Ed movement. Our kids, public schools and educators appreciate your solidarity. We’ll share information here, via email and on social media outlining how you can continue your advocacy.

Red For Ed Timeline

ISTA’s Red For Ed campaign launched.

Gov. Eric Holcomb announced the creation of a teacher compensation commission in his State of the State address.

The Next Level Teacher Compensation Commission announced its members. ISTA Executive Director Dan Holub joined the advisory council.

Rally 03 09 19

ISTA hosted the first Red For Ed rally at the Statehouse.

Then ISTA President Teresa Meredith toured the state meeting with members and community leaders to build support for the Red For Ed movement.

Action Day 11 19 19

More than 20,000 educators and public education advocates attended the Red For Ed Action Day at the Statehouse.

The legislature passed a two-year hold harmless from I-LEARN testing, an ISTA priority.

The legislature permanently decoupled test scores from teacher evaluations, a Red For Ed priority.

The legislature repealed Professional Growth Plan and externship requirements, a Red For Ed priority.

Red For Ed efforts made public education funding and teacher compensation a key issue in the General Election.

ISTA announced its 2021 legislative priorities around public school funding, educator pay and working conditions.

Teacher Pay Report Final Page 001

Gov. Holcomb’s Next Level Teachers Compensation Commission Report was released recommending an investment of more than $600 million to raise Indiana’s average teacher salary to $60,000.

Gov. Holcomb recognized the need to invest in K – 12 public education, including teacher pay, in his State of the State address.

Advocates sent more than 16,000 emails Indiana Department of Health Commissioner Dr. Kristina Box urging educators be prioritized for COVID-19 vaccines.

Edison Middle School

More than 100 local associations across Indiana participated in #Blackout4Ed with images of educators wearing black flooding social media. The action visually represented educators’ concerns over lack of funding for public schools and expansion of the largest voucher program in the country.

Andi Hipsher

President Joe Biden prioritized educators for COVID-19 vaccines.

Daniel Wertz Elem Apr 7

Local associations led actions in their communities including organizing walk-ins, wearing red, hosting car and sidewalk parades, meeting with legislators and more to raise awareness around Red For Ed priorities.

Senate Bill 2 enacted into law to provide full funding for K – 12 public schools that had transitioned to virtual learning during the pandemic.

Citing a record revenue forecast, ISTA called on the legislature to fully fund the Teacher Compensation Commission’s recommendations.

More than 170 public school boards passed resolutions supporting increased funding for traditional public schools and opposing private school voucher expansion.

Advocates generated more than 50,000 emails, Tweets and calls to legislators on key Red For Ed issues.

The General Assembly passed the budget with the largest funding increases ever for public schools.

Leg Advocate File Page 01

ISTA publishes special legislative issue of the Advocate featuring local actions, advocacy outcomes and what’s next for Red For Ed.


ISTA members, parents, public school advocates and Red For Ed supporters can use these resources to talk with their neighbors and friends about Red For Ed. There are also materials for you to show your support.

ISTA local associations may order print materials from ISTA Center Print. Locals won't be charged for ordering print materials. Each local will receive free shipping on the first order, up to $100. All subsequent shipping will be the responsibility of the local. Alternatively, the materials can be picked up at ISTA headquarters in Indianapolis to avoid all shipping costs. Local presidents must approve orders before they are fulfilled. Submit orders 2 - 3 weeks before materials need to be delivered. Orders are subject to time and materials availability.

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