Who is ISEA?

The Indiana Student Education Association (ISEA) members are undergraduate and graduate students at Indiana colleges and universities pursuing education degrees or planning to enter the education profession. ISEA members are aspiring educators and leaders of ISTA. Supporting the growth and success of ISEA members is investing in the future of the Association.

The ISEA board and officers lead the student association and are integral to the vitality of ISTA with the ISEA President serving on the ISTA Board of Directors and four ISEA member appointments to ISTA Standing Committees.

ISEA hosts a number of events geared to students.

Representative Assembly Outreach to Teach INspiring Educator Conference

ISEA Board of Directors

Brittnie Beach, Purdue-Northwest

Vice President
Elizabeth Hofmeyer, Purdue University

Michayle Rasbaugh, Manchester University

Region 1 Representative (Northwest)
Mackenzie Keen, Purdue-Northwest

Region 2 Representative (Northeast)
Miranda Bierghler, Manchester University

Region 3 Representative (West Central)
Sarah Vest, Indiana University Bloomington

Region 4 Representative (East Central)

Region 5 Representative (Southwest)
Hailey Thayer, University of Evansville

Region 6 Representative (Southeast)
Alli Andrews, Hanover College

Jeffery Curtis, Hanover College


ISEA Standing Committees Appointments

Board of Directors: Brittnie Beach, Purdue-Northwest
Governance Committee: To be confirmed 
Issues & Concerns Committee: To be confirmed 
Minority Affairs Committee: To be confirmed
Professional Practices & Standards Committee: Madeline Livinghouse, Manchester University

ISEA Advisory Council

The ISEA Advisory Council is composed of one advisor from each NEA/ISEA Chapter. The council members are responsible for selecting a chairperson, establishing operating guidelines, reviewing NEA/ISEA programs and services with the ISTA President and Executive Director. One member of the ISEA Board of Directors is designated as a liaison with the Advisory Council.

Advisory Council Members

Chairperson, TBA

Interested students are encouraged to join ISEA. A membership in ISEA is a membership in the local chapter (if active), ISTA and the National Education Association (NEA). ISEA provides an opportunity for pre-professionals to begin networking and learning more about their future careers in education.

Membership is the first step in your career.

Your ISEA membership may qualify you for a rebate in your first year of active membership. Apply for the NEA rebate form in your first year as an educator. Contact the ISTA Member Resource Center to learn how to secure an ISTA rebate.

NEA Rebate Form

For more information on the NEA student membership, explore the NEA Aspiring Educator Program resources.

ISEA Scholarships and Awards

ISEA offers a number of scholarships and awards for those pursuing a degree in education or who have demonstrated exemplary leadership in an ISEA chapter. Learn more about the scholarships and awards offered by ISEA and apply online.


Find a chapter near you

Ball State University
Butler University
Hanover College
Indiana State University
Indiana Tech
Indiana University
IU East
IU-PU Columbus
Ivy Tech-Indianapolis/Central Indiana
Ivy Tech- Riverside
Ivy Tech - Sellersburg
Ivy Tech-Terre Haute

Indiana Wesleyan University
Manchester University
Oakland City University
Purdue University
Purdue University-Calumet
Purdue University - North Central
St. Mary-of-the-Woods College
Trine University
University of Evansville
University of Indianapolis
University of Southern Indiana
Valparaiso University
Wabash College
Western Governors University

ISTA pays for the membership dues of two ISEA advisors per chapter. Complete the form and mail to ISTA headquarters.

Build your chapter using the ISEA constitution and bylaws template.

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ISEA staff liaison is Angela Miller.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join ISEA?

Complete the NEA enrollment form online using a credit or debit card. If you do not have a credit or debit card, call the Member Resource Center at 844-ASK-ISTA to join.

Can I join NEA without joining my state affiliate?

No, when you join NEA, you become a member of the unified family of local, state and national associations.

I don’t live in the same state as my college/university. In which state should I join?

You should join in the state where you are enrolled as a student.

Can I join if I’m a distance learner?

NEA offers student membership through two online programs, University of Phoenix and Western Governors University. Students of University of Phoenix should join in the state where they live. Students of Western Governors University should join directly with the NEA in D.C.

When am I covered with liability insurance?

Immediately following the charge on your card, you will receive a welcome letter via email. This letter is your proof of liability insurance. Use this letter to confirm your membership. Here's more information on the Aspiring Educator educator employment liability coverage provided with membership.