Thanks to educators and advocates of public schools, ISTA accomplished most of its legislative priorities outlined at the beginning of the 2019 legislative session. Highlights are below.

Improved Teacher Compensation and Advanced the Teaching Profession

  • State budget includes increases for public schools that are the largest in 11 years (HB 1001).
  • Ensured that spending on classroom instruction and student achievement is prioritized (HB 1003).
  • Provided opportunities that address the career and pay advancement of classroom teachers to attract and retain the very best (HB 1008).
  • Improved our teacher preparation through residency programs (HB 1009).
  • Defeated attempts to create Education Savings Accounts – a new, broader, private school voucher program (HB 1675).
  • Successfully fought attempts to restrict school funding referendums (SB 560).

Strengthened Collective Bargaining

  • Bolstered the amount of money available to negotiate contracts (HB 1397).
  • Maintained private collective bargaining (SB 390).
  • Increased salary increment opportunities for existing teachers (SB 606).

Supported School Safety

  • Increased funds available for mental health services for students (HB 1001).
  • Required additional bus safety measures and increased penalties for drivers that endanger children at bus stops (SB 2).
  • Defeated attempts to incentivize arming teachers (HB 1253).

Secured Retirees’ Future

  • Maintained the thirteenth check for retirees (HB 1001).
  • Fought attempts to lengthen rule of 85 (HB 1445).

Balanced Teacher Evaluations

  • Stymied attempts to link teacher and student data for performance tracking (SB 562).

Held Charter, Virtual and Innovation Schools Accountable

  • Added more accountability for virtual charter (SB 567).
  • Balanced accountability for innovation network schools (HB 1630).