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Why are SBOE members and Governor ignoring Glenda Ritz?

Nearly two weeks have gone by since a State Board of Education meeting was ended abruptly in gridlock over the authority of Governor Pence's shadow education agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI). Following the meeting Governor Pence and his appointed board members pledged to work with Superintendent Ritz and attempt to find a way to work with her and her Department of Education.

So, what have board members and Governor Pence done for the past week to make amends with Superintendent Ritz? Hoosier students and parents want to know.

Several board members have gone around the state, speaking negatively about Superintendent Ritz to the press while defending the CECI. And Governor Pence? He has flown to Washington DC to attend Republican party meetings, bashing his opponents back home while flirting with running for President.

So much for the fence mending lip service they talked last week. We hope the board members and the Governor can come back to Indianapolis, let Superintendent Ritz do her job, and move forward with helping students get a great public education.