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Tony Bennett ethics commission hearing cancelled, again


Bush_Daniels_Bennett.jpgThe State Ethics Commission announced today that a hearing charged with investigating ethics violations by former State Superintendent Tony Bennett has again been cancelled and rescheduled.

In November, 2013 the Indiana Inspector General filed an ethics complaint, including over 100 pages of evidence, against Bennett alleging he used state resources for political purposes. The State Ethics Commission later announced a hearing to be held on January 8. However, in early January Bennett hired two high profile attorneys, including one who helped write the ethics laws Bennett is alleged to violate. Upon hiring attorneys, the January 8 ethics hearing was rescheduled for May 8.

And now today, the State Ethics Commission again announced that the May 8 hearing has also been cancelled and is now rescheduled for August 8.

This matter began after an Associated Press investigation found Department of Education emails and calendar items that showed Bennett and his staff making fund raising calls and meeting with political donors, including Christel DeHaan, the founder of a charter school that benefited from a grade change to its accountability score.

Despite the delays, we know that Hoosiers' interest in this case remains high because it is a matter of public trust.


ISTA will continue to follow this story.