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Thank you's to Senators Jean Breaux, Greg Taylor, Earline Rogers, Tim Skinner (HB 1321)


Dems_Collage.jpgISTA wishes to thank Senators Jean Breaux (D-Indianapolis), Greg Taylor (D-Indianapolis), Earline Rogers (D-Gary), and Tim Skinner (D-Terre Haute) for speaking on HB 1321 on 3rd reading yesterday. 


Each of them presented issues of concern with the bill and its approach. Together, they raised issues about the appropriateness of for-profit entities potentially managing public schools, the level of public discourse/buy-in with regard to these schools, the root cause of some of the financial issues IPS faces, and the need for data-driven best practices approaches. 


ISTA thanks these Senators for echoing the same kinds of issues ISTA raised during its negotiations on this bill.