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Tell legislators to oppose expanding private school vouchers


Oppose%20SB%20334%20-%20FB.pngSB 334 (Sen. Carlin Yoder, R-Middlebury) would allow any student to apply for a second semester voucher, including transferring to another voucher school.


Currently, students can only apply for a voucher annually and use the voucher at a school for the entire school year.


The bill’s advocates focus on how the expanded window to apply for a voucher would assist students who may be expelled or need an alternative educational option in the second semester. However, the bill does not apply to only this narrow set of circumstances, but instead, expands voucher issuance beyond these parameters.

This is another example of what has become both predictable and concerning since the 2011 enactment of Indiana’s voucher program—that is, one new expansion proposal after another.


The nonpartisan Indiana Legislative Services Agency estimates that SB 334 could cost taxpayers another $2.1 million in just its first year if only 1,000 students took advantage of the spring-semester provision.


Tell legislators to oppose this bill. It is unnecessary and costly, and should not be discussed during a short session, wherein bills requiring additional state funding outside of the approved budget are not considered.