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Take Action! Support Superintendent Ritz this Wednesday!




This Wednesday, the State Board of Education will be voting on a resolution essentially to strip away Superintendent Ritz’s authority as Chair of the board. Read more about their actions at our blog post here.


Superintendent Ritz needs your support.

  • Over 1.3 million Hoosiers elected Superintendent Glenda Ritz to be the leader in K-12 education in Indiana.
  • Superintendent Ritz’ overwhelming victory was the result of a clear message sent from voters who belong to both political parties.
  • It is ironic that this board chose to make this maneuver just a few short days after our nation celebrated the anniversary of its independence from bureaucratic tyranny of its own.
  • From the Governor’s creation of the duplicate education agency, the CECI (which is costing Hoosier taxpayers’ $14 million, money that could have been used to help children in classrooms) -- to the state board’s continued attacks on Superintendent Ritz and the Department of Education at monthly meetings. The assault on Superintendent Ritz and the Department of Education has been persistent and disrespectful.

Take Action x 3!


(1) Contact the Governor. Remind him that Superintendent Ritz won the election by landslide margins—with bi-partisan support-- because Hoosier voters had grown tired of politics interfering with our Constitutional responsibility to educate Hoosier children.

Phone: 317-232-4567 or Email:


(2) Contact your legislators (House and Senate). Tell them that you will not stand by and watch Glenda’s authority diminished by non-elected bureaucrat appointees and that you know that they can and should step in to preserve her authority, legislatively, if need be.

  • The voters of Indiana overwhelmingly chose a different direction for K-12 education—one to be led by Superintendent Ritz.
  • Elections have consequences as does the persistent disregard of voter sentiment.
  • Indiana, as a “red” state, chose Superintendent Ritz because the vast majority of its voters were tired of politics as usual.
  • This whole deal smacks of Washington insiders ignoring their electorate.

 Click here to find your legislator:


(3) Contact your local school board members. Be positive in your message. Make sure the school board members understand what is at stake. Help your local school board members connect the dots so that they understand that continuing along this state board path diminishes their authority, too. Don't know your local school board? Click here.