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Take Action: Ask your friends and family to support Indiana's Superintendent, Glenda Ritz




As you’re aware by now, this Wednesday, the State Board of Education will be voting on a resolution essentially to strip away Superintendent Ritz’s authority as Chair of the board. Yesterday we asked you to contact your representatives. Hundreds of you responded!


Now, we are asking you to take one more step to help Glenda. Contact at least 5 friends or family members and ask them to contact their representatives as well. Send them the links from our post here.


Glenda won her election with the help of thousands of parents and supporters of public schools throughout the state. We need to make sure that these same voters are aware of what has been happening since Glenda took office.


More info:

The State Board of Education meeting will take place at 9:00am on Wednesday at the Indiana Government Center South, Conference Room B, 302 W. Washington Street, Indianapolis, Indiana  46204.