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Superintendent Ritz issues statement asking Governor to withdraw waiver resolution from state board meeting


Superintendent Ritz issued the following statement today regarding one of several resolutions to be voted on at tomorrow's State Board of Education meeting. Passage of the resolution would likely jeopardize Indiana’s NCLB waiver application.



Statement of Indiana Superintendent Glenda Ritz


INDIANAPOLIS – Tomorrow, the Indiana State Board of Education is scheduled to consider several resolutions, including one regarding Indiana’s waiver from certain aspects of No Child Left Behind.  Specifically, one resolution unfairly calls into question the steps the Department of Education took in submitting its waiver application. 


In response to this resolution, Superintendent Ritz issued the statement below. 


“I have said from the start that I am a strong proponent of renewing and extending our waiver.  Unfortunately, the Governor-appointed State Board of Education and his separate education staff appear determined to undermine our work. 


“Let me be clear.  If passed, this resolution will place our waiver in serious jeopardy.  This resolution unfairly questions the honesty and capacity of my administration to implement the waiver and may result in ramifications from Washington. 


“I am fully committed to implementing our waiver.  Both the Governor and our legislative leaders have said that they fully support our waiver extension.  Based in part on this support, the Department of Education spent countless hours preparing and submitting our waiver application. 


“The Board has made it clear that they will not listen to me or the Department.  I have asked that the Governor remove this resolution from consideration tomorrow before our schools and students suffer the consequences.”