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SBOE website disappearance and botched video just another example of Pence power-grab

Viewers and members of the press noticed something strange last week when they went to visit the State Board of Education website. It was gone.

It turns out that the State Board of Education website was taken off of the Department of Education’s servers overnight and moved. The board’s website under the DOE was replaced with its own website under Governor Pence’s duplicate education agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI).

Not only is the State Board of Education website now under the CECI, so is the streaming of the board’s meetings. Like all other board information, live streaming video of the board’s meetings so that the public can watch has forever been under the Department of Education. However, the CECI has now taken over this responsibility too.

So, how was CECI’s first crack at streaming the State Board of Education’s first meeting? Well, the video stream crashed after approximately 25 minutes and was never repaired for the remainder of the nearly 4-hour meeting.

At least the CECI staff has the entire meeting recorded so that parents and other concerned citizens can watch the meeting, right? Nope. If they attempt to watch the video, they are greeted with the warning “The following video has been edited due to technical difficulties from streaming hardware failure”. The video is basically useless as an archive of that day’s meeting.

We believe Governor Pence should honor past relationships between Governors and Superintendent of Public Instructions and trust that the Department of Education to do its job. The first step would be for the Governor to dissolve his costly and duplicate education agency, the Center for Education and Career Innovation (CECI).