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ISTA thanks Rep. Niezgodski and wishes him and his daughter a speedy recovery


While we are thanking Rep Burton for his commitment to protecting the pensions of teachers and public employees, please know that Rep. David Niezgodski (D-South Bend) has also been a leader on the INPRS issue all along—from day 1. 


Both Rep. Burton and Rep. Niezgodski sit on the Pension Management Oversight Commission.  They have, together, been tackling the annuity issue since last summer and we are very grateful for David’s expertise and work.  These two veteran lawmakers are making a difference to benefit teachers and public employees.


You may have heard that David and his daughter were in a horrible automobile crash last night in Indianapolis.


We are thankful to report that both David and his daughter are on the road to recovery. 


Please take a moment to reach out to Rep. Niezgodski for ALWAYS supporting the looking out for the needs of public school teachers and working men and women. 


ISTA has no better friend than David and we wish a complete recovery to him and his daughter.