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ICYMI: State board members spend most of meeting questioning snow day waivers


State Board members yesterday picked a petty fight with Superintendent Glenda Ritz over her decision to grant missed day waivers to schools that applied for them. Waivers are being granted for schools that closed on January 6 and 7.


The State Board of Education met for a short rescheduled meeting after the board itself had a snow day last week. The board was originally scheduled to meet on Wednesday, January 8.


On that Monday and Tuesday more than half of the state was under a travel advisory, hundreds of families were huddled in warming shelters and Governor Pence issued a state of disaster emergency for 29 counties.


Despite the meeting being short, by previous meeting standards, board members questioned Superintendent Ritz’s authority to decide whether to grant waivers as other Superintendents have previous to her.


A majority of the 54 minute meeting was taken up with the line of question on Ritz’s decision. The board approved A-F grades for school corporations earlier in the meeting.