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HB 1233 is dead - this time as an amendment to HB 1204


The contents of HB 1233—a bill that could have passed on new expenses to teachers is (once again) dead.


HB 1233 was a bill that would have required teachers to receive an expanded criminal background check every 5 years.  The bill would have created an additional financial burden on teachers in what some estimated to be nearly $100 every 5 years.


As any licensed educator in Indiana knows, teachers must pass a criminal background check when applying for their teaching license.


Although ISTA is certainly not opposed to measures ensuring that only those of the highest moral character are permitted to work closely with children, ISTA also believes that teachers should not be required to bear an additional cost when there are already sufficient controls embedded in the system. 


As Senator Kenley relayed from having been at the Senate Education Committee, a compelling case for this additional requirement was not made by the vendors who offer these background check services.


HB 1233 failed to pass on 3rd reading last week for lack of a constitutional majority.  The vote then was 23-24.


Sen. Dennis Kruse (R-Auburn) attempted to revive a very slightly-revised HB 1233 into HB 1204 on 2nd reading.


ISTA thanks Senators Luke Kenley (R - Noblesville), Thomas Wyss (R - Fort Wayne), and Tim Skinner (D - Terre Haute) for speaking against this amendment.  Once again, the amendment failed for lack of a constitutional majority (22-25).