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Growth data shows Indiana's public schools still outperform charter and private schools

Steve Hinnefeld writes today on his School Matters blog about the misconception pushed by school choice advocates that students who attend charter and private schools will receive a better education than public schools.

Hinnefeld took the Department of Education 2012-2013 growth data and ranked public schools versus private and charters. He found:

  • For Indiana’s 1,400-plus public schools, the median score – the value at which half the scores are higher and half are lower – was at the 51st percentile in math and the 50th in English. That’s about what you’d expect: Most Indiana schools are public schools, so naturally the median score will be in the middle.
  • For private schools reporting growth scores, median scores were at the 46th percentile in English and only the 40th percentile in math.
  • For charter schools, median scores were at the 46th percentile in English and only at the 36th percentile in math.

Despite the several disadvantages public schools have over the private and charter schools, they still outperform. You can read Hinnefeld's full post here.