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Former Superintendent: Teaching permit is a step back of more than 100 years


Former school Superintendent, Gerald McCullum, penned a letter to the editor over the weekend speaking out against the “career specialist” permit aka the adjunct permit.


Mr. McCullum:


I was very saddened when I read the May 15 headline, "Route to classroom just got easier."


The Indiana State Board of Education is allowing, over the objections of the Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz, individuals with three years of full-time work experience, but no education training to become high school teachers in the subject they worked in.


These individuals could teach in the public high schools and not have educational training in child development, child psychology and how to run a classroom — along with student teaching and additional in-school internship requirements.


This is a step back of more than 100 years of education in Indiana.


You can read his entire letter here.


The State Board of Education is meeting Wednesday this week. To learn more, including how to contact the board members, click here.