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Even though most of the state remains sequestered--the 2014 General Assembly gets underway.


Even though many businesses and schools were closed again and Indiana roads remain snow- and ice-packed, Indiana's members of the General Assembly (and legislative staff, lobbyists, and reporters) officially begin the 2014 "short" session of the General Assembly this afternoon. 


Only a few bills have been made public (pre-filed) to date--so there will be a boatload of news to convey over the next several days as your lobbying team begins the work of analysing the relevant bills as they emerge.   This blog is the place for you to land to get updates and scoops, explanations and strategies.


In addition, while you are on the ISTA homepage, be sure to check out the LEGISLATIVE TAB.  There you will find a series of resources that should be helpful--most especially, the "contact your legislator" link.  Try it out this week.  If you haven't before, introduce yourselves to your State Representative, State Senator, and the Governor.  Tell these elected policymakers that you hope to engage in a regular conversation with them concerning meaningful ways to help Indiana's public schools and the students they (and you) serve.  In some cases, your vision will be markedly different from theirs.  This is when your work and experience as an educator (whether teacher or educational support professional) will be most needed. 


Stay warm and tuned in.