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Controversial student/teacher data bill dies in the House


logo.pngA controversial ALEC style bill authored by Rep. Bob Behning that would have cost taxpayers millions of dollars to collect and maintain various forms of data on students and teacher, is dead. The bill was not brought up on third reading before a deadline to do so.


HB 1320 was originally written to have Governor Pence’s duplicate education agency, the CECI, to be charged with the data collection. Some of which was already being done by the Department of Education.


Upon bringing up the bill in committee, Rep. Behning immediately amended the bill stating he made a mistake by charging the CECI with the collecting of the data. After being amended to change data collection responsibilities to the Department of Education, the bill passed out of the House Education Committee on a party line vote to go to the full House for approval.


However, the bill died after it was not brought up for a 3rd reading vote last night. Yesterday was the last day for 3rd reading of House bills in the House.


We’d like to thank our members and activists who contacted their legislators opposing this wasteful and unneeded bill.


ISTA has followed this bill since its posting. We will be tracking other bills where this bill’s language could be inserted and brought back to life. We ask everyone to stay vigilant until the session adjourns.