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Breaking: Costly and controversial student/teacher data bill amended at hearing this morning


HB 1320 was heard this morning in the House Education Committee. Upon introducing the bill, the Chair of the committee and bill’s author, Rep. Bob Behning, immediately sought to clarify who would administer the data collected outlined in his bill.


Rep. Behning stated that he “wrote the bill wrong” and meant to have the Department of Education administer the program rather than the duplicate education agency, the CECI. Doing so would have cost taxpayers nearly $4 million for the first year.


Having the Department of Education continue to safely store records, as it has already done, makes much more sense on a multitude of levels.  For now, since nobody has seen the exact amendment yet, ISTA reserves judgment on its position.  We will continue to monitor how this bill will be amended further.


Rep. Behning decided to not move the bill today after public testimony was heard followed by a long discussion among committee members.


ISTA alerted members about this bill yesterday. Since then, hundreds of activists have reacted to oppose this bill.