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Bill that would have allowed voucher schools to bypass accountability and hide data dies in Senate


logo.pngSB 322 has died in the Senate due to not being heard before the 3rd reading deadline.


The bill would have expanded the school voucher program by allowing voucher schools to bypass accountability and not use ISTEP. The bill also prohibited the DOE from requiring voucher schools report any information “that is not necessary” and to reduce “undue reporting burdens” on these schools.


After much controversy and public outcry, the bill’s author amended the bill in committee to remove the language exempting voucher schools from using ISTEP. The data portion of the bill was only amended slightly.


However, the bill has now died in the Senate. Today was the last day for 3rd reading of Senate bills in the Senate.


We’d like to thank our members and activists who contacted their legislators opposing this bill.


As always, we will be tracking other bills where this bill’s language could be inserted and brought back to life. We ask everyone to stay vigilant until the session adjourns.