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Action alert: Board voting to lower teaching standards for Indiana's students; de-professionalize teaching


  • Despite being against common sense and the wrong thing to do, they voted for it.
  • Despite studies showing that setting higher bars and training for teachers is best for students, they voted for it.

Voting in support of the career specialist permit aka the "adjunct permit" in REPA III is wrong on many levels. However, 6 members of the State Board of Education did so earlier this month.


We believe that our students deserve teachers who are trained in areas like child development, child psychology and how to run a classroom.


We believe that student teaching under an experienced mentor in a real classroom environment should be required for the sake of our children’s education.


We are not the only ones who believe this. Leaders from more than 10 professional and parent organizations concerned about educating Indiana's children joined with ISTA to oppose the career specialist permit in REPA III.


Please thank these members of the State Board of Education for their opposition to the career specialist permit: 

Superintendent Glenda Ritz

Sarah O’Brien

Troy Albert

Cari Whicker

Dr. Brad Oliver



More importantly, please email these members asking them to reconsider their vote in support of the career specialist permit. 

Tony Walker

Andrea Neal

B.J. Watts

Dr. David Freitas

Daniel Elsener

Gordon Hendry