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2nd Update on HB 1319: Expanded Criminal Background Checks to be removed


Yesterday, we updated you on where we thought HB 1319 was heading. We can report today that the provision requiring certain school employees acquire an expanded criminal background check has been removed.


It seems as though year after year, the issue of criminal history background checks arise. Perhaps that is because teachers and school employees represent a built-in client base for those who engage in this business of selling background checks. Regardless, it looks as though the laws on the books dealing with background checks by school employees will not be amended this session.


As a reminder, the other provisions in HB 1319 as it currently exists are as follows:


(1)  Adds school counselors within the definition of teacher.

(2)  Provides that a student's latest PSAT scores will be included in the student's official high school transcript.

(3)  Changes the date for the school district's annual performance report from being published in January to March.

(4)  Requires the DOE to disaggregate from the ISTEP program test results the percentage of students in each school and each grade who are identified as high ability students.

(5)  Requires the DOE to assign unique identifiers for students whose parents are active duty members of the armed forces.

(6)  Requires the legislative council to assign certain topics to interim study committees.

(7)  Changes the start date on teacher contracts (SB 284) from August 15 to 14 days before the first day the teacher is required to report for duty.

(8)  Urges the establishment of a study committee on the topic of feasible incentives to encourage effective and highly effective teachers to teach in challenging school districts.