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2014 General Assembly is History (part 2): How Other Bills Landed.


On Wednesday, we updated you on the status of several bills and we can now report that they all passed in the same form that we described earlier.  For your convenience, we will provide you with the vote tally in each chamber and provide a link to the prior blogs so that you can be reminded of the contents:


SB 1:  Business Personal Property Tax Elimination (without replacement revenue) passed by a vote of 63-37 in the House and 36-12 in the Senate.


HB 1319:  Various Education Issues passed by a vote of 98-0 in the House and 46-2 in the Senate.


HB 1321The IPS Bill passed by a vote of 59-32 in the House and 30-18 in the Senate.


HB 1388:  Teacher Preparation Programs Accountability; while not reported on yesterday in a blog, it passed by vote of 74-24 in the House and 40-8 in the Senate.  This bill was especially important to ISTA because we were able to include language in it that ensures that any teacher evaluation data that is personally identifiable to an individual either by name or teacher identification number is confidential and not subject to a public records request. 


HB 1062:  Transportation Fund Relief, passed by a vote of 100-0 in the House and 47-1 in the Senate.  One special note:  The final version of HB 1062 DID NOT include the initiative to allow commercial advertisements on school buses to raise revenue as previously reported. 


In the coming days, ISTA will continue to provide you with details on these and other education bills.  Thank you very much for tuning in and taking action.  You, the member, remain our most valuable and powerful asset and we are grateful to you for your willingness to share yourselves and your stories to those empowered to affect our lives and the lives of Hoosier children.  Now that the General Assembly has adjourned sine die, let's hope Spring is in the air...