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1,000 attend debut of pro-public schools documentary 'Rise Above the Mark'

“Rise Above the Mark” made its long awaited debut last night in Lafayette to a packed theater of 1,000+ people who came to see the locally produced film. The documentary takes a critical look at Indiana’s use of charter schools, vouchers and high stakes testing. It was funded by the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation.

Along with interviewing educators locally, the producers traveled around the country interviewing various experts in education like Diane Ravitch and public school advocates like Economist David Hummels and astronaut Eugene Cernan. The film seeks to spark conversations around the lack of respect public schools and its educators have received in the last several years as the result of so-called “education reforms”.

“Rise Above the Mark” also debunks the talking points of school choice promoters who claim charter schools and vouchers result in better educated students. The film shows that this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

Callie Marksbary, ISTA Treasurer and a third grade teacher in the Lafayette School Corporation, was one of the many ISTA members who attended the film debut. “There is a message that will resound with each viewer.  Everyone is encouraged to watch with an open mind and begin critical conversations at all levels - local, state and national,” says Marksbary. “It’s a definite must see. I would encourage everyone to go to their website, see the trailer, and then contact the producers to get it shown in your area.

More about “Rise Above the Mark” can be found at their website,