Indiana’s parents, kids and educators are choosing public schools.

More than 90 percent of Hoosier families send their kids to public schools.



Public education is the foundation of our democracy and it strengthens our communities. Public schools offer diversity and inclusion for all students to achieve their best. Yet, public education in Indiana is threatened. Education reforms such as vouchers, charter schools and online, virtual schools are siphoning dollars away from Indiana’s public schools. 

However, Hoosier families and educators remain committed to public schools. Watch the videos below to hear from public school educators on why they choose public schools.

Watch Paul's Story

"No matter who walks through our doors, we are a guide. We are a mentor to every student who comes into our building."

Paul Farmer, Science Teacher, Bloomington High School North

Watch Ben's Story

"Having the opportunity to make music with kids and watch them work individually for a common goal and see it all come together is so cool."

Ben Yoder, Orchestra Teacher, Hamilton Southeastern School District

Why do you choose public schools?

Even as education options diversify in the state, parents and families across Indiana are choosing public schools. Whether the choice stems from wanting a well-rounded education with access to arts, music and physical education, connections with students from every background, access to special education programs or community cohesion, public schools offer a quality education to all kids, regardless of ZIP code.  As parents and guardians, you want the best for your kids – why do you choose public schools?

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Stand Up for Public Schools

It’s time to stop experimenting with education reforms that are harming the majority of Hoosier kids. The state should refocus on education policies that strengthen and build upon the foundation of public education – support educators, adequately fund K-12 public schools and reverse course on expanding vouchers and funding failing charters.

Parents, students, educators and public education advocates are raising their voices in unison to support our public schools.  Sign the petition to support public schools.

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Take Action

There are steps you can take to show your support for public schools in your community – talk with your neighbors, write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper, attend school board meetings, say thank you to an educator. Here are tools to get you started.


Make your voice heard by writing a letter to the editor. Tell your community why you support your local public schools.

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Stay on top of current education challenges and solutions in our state. Talk with your legislators and local community leaders on why you support public schools.

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